Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept

Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept

Time and Distance Aptitude Problem ConceptBefore Understanding Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept

Let’s read this small story…..

In a village, a poor boy named Hari used to live. He was a student studying in the nearby school. The school was located at very far distance from his house. Every day, he used to wake up in the morning and ride his bicycle to reach that school. One day, he was late and could not attend the prayer session. The principle scolded him for being late and asked him about the distance of his house. He could not answer correctly. That teacher gave him a task of counting the total number of milestones between his house and school. Next day, Hari counted it and understood that distance is nothing but measured length of path from his school to his house. Now, he became curious about the speed of his bicycle. Do you think he could find the average speed of his bicycle? Yes, he took his watch and noted the initial time at which he left the school and final time at which he reached his home. Then he took the difference
Total time=Final time-Initial time
Then he applied this formula,

Let’s Analyse This Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept Formula

1. In the above story, Distance covered by Hari always remains constant. It means it does not vary at any cost. If we break above formula Speed becomes inversely proportional to time. It means if Hari has to cover that distance in less time, he will have to increase his speed.

If Speed –Increases then Time-Decreases.

2.About Average Speed
If hari goes to school in 1hour and comes back in 2 hours. What can be his Average Speed?
Average Speed is the total distance covered divided by total time taken. So, here total distance is 6 km and total time taken is 3 hours.
Average Speed=6/3=2km/hr
Note-Average Speed should not be confused with the simple individual speed.

Important Formula to understand Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept

Time and Distance Aptitude Problem Concept

Important formula
  • Time=(Distance)/(Speed)
  • Distance=(Speed)*(Time)
  • Speed=(Distance)/(Time)
  • Average speed=(Total Distance Covered)/(Total Time Taken)
  • In order to convert Speed from km/hr to m/sec We simply multiply that quantity with 5/18.
    For e.g-Convert 18 km/hr to m/sec
  • In order to convert Speed from m/sec to km/hr We simply multiply that quantity with 18/5.
    For e.g-Convert 18 km/hr to m/sec
  • If A is moving with x km/hr and B is moving with y km/hr .Then ,Average Speed=2xy/(x+y)
  • If the ratio of two speeds be a:b then ratio of time taken to cover the same distance will be b:a
  • Proof-We can prove this statement in this manner-
    Let time taken be T1 and T2 and distance be D which is constant.
    So,a=D/T1 and b=D/T2

Solve 10 questions of Time and Distance.

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