Syllabus of H.C Verma Physics Part 2

Chapters Of H.C Verma Physics Part2

23.Heat and Temperature

24.Kinetic Theory of Gases


26.Laws of Thermodynamics

27.Specific Heat Capacities of Gas

28.Heat Transfer

29.Electric Field and Potential

30.Gauss’s Law


32.Electric Current in Conductors

33.Electric Current

34.Magnetic Field

35.Magnetic Field due to Current

36.Permanent Magnets

37.Magnetic Properties of matter

38.Electromagnetic Induction

39.Alternating Current

40.Electromagnetic Waves

41.Electric Current Through Gases

42.Photoelectric Effect

43.Bohr’s Theory and Physics of atoms


45.Semiconductor and Semiconductor devices

46.The Nucleus

47.The Special Theory of Relativity

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