Learn LCM and HCF aptitude concept | formula| ibps exams

Learn LCM and HCF aptitude concept an formula ibps exams

HCF and LCM for ibps po clerk exams

Factor and multiple : If a number A divides B then we say A is the factor of B.In this case B is the multiple of A.

H.C.F –

It stands for highest common factor.Suppose we have two numbers 15 and 45. For both the number H.C.F is 15.It means 15 is a factor of both the numbers and it is maximum.

Method to find H.C.F-
There are two methods to find H.C.F.
1.Factorisation method :
In this method we express each number as the product of prime factors.The product of least power common prime factor gives H.C.F.
Ex- Find H.C.F of 45,15,90
Common prime factors are 3 and 5.

2.Division Method:
Learn LCM and HCF aptitude concept an formula ibps exams


It stands for lowest common multiple.If we have 6,2,18 numbers, the lowest common multiple is 18.It means 6,2,18 is multiple of 18.

There are two methods for finding L.C.M

1.Factorisation method
We express each number in the form of powers of prime factor and the product of prime factors with it’s highest power is L.C.M
Ex- Find L.C.M of 15,45,90
Here prime factors are 2,3,5

2.Common Division Method
Learn LCM and HCF aptitude concept an formula ibps exams

Important Formulae of hcf and lcm

  • Productof two numbers=Product of their H.C.F and L.C.M
  • Two numbers are said to be coprimes if their H.C.F is 1.
  • H.C.F of fraction:-
    H.C.F=\frac{H.C.F of numerator}{L.C.M of denominators}
  • L.C.M of fraction:-
    L.C.M=\frac{L.C.M of numerator}{H.C.F of denominators}

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2 thoughts on “Learn LCM and HCF aptitude concept | formula| ibps exams”

  1. I want to share one example.
    Most common questions in H.C.F and L.C.M are those in which h.c.f and l.c.m of the two numbers,one of the number are given and you have to find the other number.
    For example
    Q. If H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers are 4 and 24 respectively,find the other number,if one of them is 8?
    A. There is a formula or better can said as concept that
    H.C.F x L.C.M = Product of those two numbers.
    => 4 x24 =8 x Y, where Y is the second number,
    Hence we got the answer as 12.

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