How to get good marks in CBSE Board Exam

How to get good marks in CBSE Board Exam

Welcome to the post – ‘ How to get good marks in CBSE Board Exam ‘. In this edge of cut throat competition, marks in secondary school examination plays an important role in future career. Being an engineering student, good mark has helped me a lot in company interviews. It boosts up your confidence and gives courage to compete in any situation.

How to get good marks in CBSE Board Exam in Class 1o and Class 12

A question generally strikes our mind as  how to get good marks in CBSE board exam (class 10 & class 12). Generally, Students get confused over preparation strategies resulting in low marks. It is quite clear that our marks directly reflect our presentation of answers in answer sheet. If a student is getting good marks, it means he is presenting his answers in a very eye catching way. There are many students who work harder but fail in getting respectable marks.

Working hard does not always confirm your best performance. In order to grab more marks, one should study smartly. I will be focusing on the key elements of getting good marks in CBSE board exam with comparatively less effort. These points can help students prepare better teacher friendly answer sheet.

Guide to get good marks in CBSE Board Exam

Planning Answers

After getting question paper do not jump into attempting questions in a hurry. Take a look over all questions asked. It will give you an idea about those questions which can be answered correctly.

Sequence of questions to be answered

Students should prepare a correct sequence of questions to be answered. The questions whose answers are perfectly known should be kept at the top of the sequence. It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So, students should give their best first impression.

Content of Answer

The content of answer should be to the point .Teachers hate those answers which are written in an exaggerated fashion. Avoid writing unnecessary things which are not related to the topic. The content should be clean, compact and to the point. This rule is very important in making excellent impression before teachers.

Presentation of the answer sheet

It is one of the most important factors of getting excellent mark in exam. How your answers are visible to teachers comes under your method of presenting things. Suppose, I have written correct answers but there is no line gap between answers. This will give a negative impact on your answer sheet.

Points which can be followed for good presentation:-

  1. Always write your answer with a single blue color pen. Many students do use black pen. But, I would recommend blue.
  2. Use black pen for highlighting texts (underline manner).
  3. You can use black pen for headings/subheadings.
  4. Always use pencil for drawing clean diagrams. Try to show parts (name) to the right side of the figure for better visibility.
  5. Always give caption for the diagram.

Expressing with Diagrams

According to me diagrams has all the capability to explain what a student is trying to speak. We should include clean diagrams wherever needed. It does not mean we should draw diagrams in all questions. But, we should draw neat and expressive diagrams in those questions which carry higher marks. We can use block diagrams, simplified figures to support our answers. It should be noted that you should not waste your time in showing your creativity with diagrams. The diagrams should be simple to draw and expressive because you have to manage your time too.

Creative Writing Skills

If a student wants to have effortless study, he should have a good writing capability. It is almost impossible to mug all things up without hard labour. Students should focus on developing their own writing skill. It not only reduces your effort but also helps in building clear concept. This can be done simply by reading English newspaper, articles of your choice on internet and watching English movies as well.

Habit of writing things while Learning

The students should have a habit of writing things while learning and revision. The more you write, the more you will be confident in exam. It will also reduce the chances of forgetting things in exam. On the other hand, it will make your writing more beautiful and clean.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

It is advised to do regular exercises and have healthy diet to remain fit while examination. The increased amount of oxygen in brain reduces the stress and students can take better decision while answering the question.

Developing a habit of revising your answer

Revising your answer sheet is a must for good marks in board exam. This is neglected by many students resulting in silly mistakes, slang language, calculation errors, incorrect numbering of answers. The revision time should be properly managed while practicing sample papers. It will surely enhance your marks.

That’s all…..

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