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“Facebook” needs no introduction. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users. No doubt, Facebook is a revolution in online social media. It has brought people at a  distance of one click by breaking the boundary of kilometers. It really brings a smile on your face when you see your childhood friend in the “people you may know” section.  Getting a birthday notification of your dearest one helps a lot. Sharing your best memory and getting comment from your friends is unbelievable. Everything looks good, right? Then, Why am I talking about “How to prevent Facebook Addiction”?

With the boom of internet and smartphones, every students have got one click reach to Facebook. Facebook app makes it super easy to connect with people. The main chain reaction starts when a Facebook notification comes and you eagerly click to see. After taking an action to that notification, You start scrolling the Facebook contents , Facebook chat etc. By the time you feel like getting bored with Facebook, Some other notifications hit you app and engages you. Let us ask a simple question, Who is the master? You or Facebook. Seeing the above situation, I think Facebook is the real master who drives us. While in college days,  I could not focus on my study due to these Facebook notifications.

Now, It’s quite clear why am I writing this article. I hope many students would have been facing the same problem. I will be focusing on the causes and prevention of the Facebook Addiction. Nowadays, I don’t spend much of my time on Facebook. I will share about how I changed my habit and prevent Facebook addiction.

Causes of Facebook Addiction

Before knowing the prevention method, It’s better to understand the causes of Facebook Addiction. It will help you identify the weak areas where our addiction overrides natural behaviour.

In Search Of Good Friends 

Many people like meeting new people and making good friends. In search of friends, they send friend requests to the unknown people and follow him/her. It is a tough job to understand a person using Facebook. If I am not wrong, It takes years to develop a sound relationship. Think of your best friend . It would have taken years to grow a true friendship. If you are searching and trying to develop any relationship over Facebook. Be aware!

Thousands Of Friends

I remember those days when I newly joined Facebook. It became a matter of pride to have thousands of friends. All friends jumped into the competition of likes that they were getting on the photos. Let us think if you have thousands of friends how many Facebook notifications you would receive daily.

Facebook Chat System 

Everyone like chatting with friends. If you are in a school, you will have bunch of friends chatting together in a group. Let us understand this with an example If you have 10 friends who joined to a group name “Coolfriends”. You started chatting with one of the friends in that group. Two more friends joined. As the number of friends will increase chat will be more interesting. You won’t feel like leaving the conversation and do some work.

What’s Happening Around Globe

Many people consider Facebook as a tool to keep themselves updated about news and events. They subscribe many pages and read updates posted by them. After reading news for some time they realize that their friends has shared some interesting funny post. They click and moves to the world of entertainment. You can think,  he logged in for news but  he is involved in other activities.

Feeling Alone

Many students think that Facebook is a great place to kill loneliness. But, Have you ever thought why are you feeling lonely? The reason is lack of good people around you. If we visits to a new place, We remain busy with online friends and loose a chance to meet some good people. Due to this, the dependency over Facebook increases.

There can be many more reasons which you would have been facing. Kindly comment below and let others know.

How to prevent Facebook addiction | Stop wasting time on Facebook

Are you spending most of time browsing Facebook ?

Is Facebook the first priority if sitting ideal ?

Are You studying and doing Facebook at the same time ?

Checking Facebook status updates frequently?

Are You unable to spend quality time with friends and family ?

If these questions are valid for you, It’s time to wake up and do something to stop this habit. It’s really hard to quit any type of habitual action. But, It is necessary to get rid of Facebook and enjoy the offline life. I will be discussing various ways to prevent Facebook Addiction.

Self analysis – 

How to prevent Facebook addiction self-analysisFrankly speaking, Quitting Facebook is not an easy task. You have grown this habit by using Facebook for years. If you are thinking that you can get rid of it in minutes. It won’t work. Many advice to deactivate/delete account. It works for very small amount of time. After some time you will activate it and get involved in the same daily routine. It is better to develop a self control than deleting account. Let us ask a common question “ What matters most ? Time Or Facebook“. Time is very precious. It should be used properly else you can’t achieve anything. I think spending an hour with real friends is better than spending whole day with virtual friends. Let us do one exercise. Turn off your Facebook App or don’t login to your account for one day. Log in again next day and take a look over changes that you missed. Now, analyze all the changes and see what impact you made on others life by switching Facebook off. I am sure you will come to know that it does not impact your virtual friend’s life. Take a time and think why are we so busy in Facebook.

Keep yourself updated – 

breaking-newsIf you like reading news and keep yourself updated about current affairs, try using some News application, News websites, Newspaper, Television and Radio. There are so many websites which publish quality news articles like The Hindu, Hindustan Times, BBC etc. We can tune to some television channels, Radio programs to have all updates. It will surely reduce the dependency over Facebook.

Say no to social media competition

likes-and-dislikesIf you uploaded some images and continuously monitoring the number of likes you got on it.You should think twice doing that. Do you think checking your Facebook account for 100 times will increase the number of likes. The answer is no. We should not connect the number of likes with pride or attitude.

Spending quality time with friends and family members –

How to prevent Facebook addiction quality-time It’s quite common to see scenarios where people sitting next to each other don’t prefer talking much. They will be busy in talking with some third virtual person online. This happens very frequently even in a family also. We should spend quality time with our family members and friends. They will be standing behind you in adverse situation.

Developing a hobby –

How to prevent Facebook addiction HobbyIt really helps a lot. Every person is unique and born with different interests. We should try to develop a hobby. Many students like cricket, playing musical instruments, dancing, singing, collecting stamps, novels. Believe me, Developing a hobby can bring an unbelievable transformation.

How I got rid of Facebook addiction? 

I followed these below steps to get rid of Facebook addiction.

  • Developed a hobby of learning web development and piano.
  • Confined myself to the friends or person whom I know personally.
  • Facebook is made for people. Facebook should not control us and decide our daily activities.
  • By using my ideal time, I built “Examframe”.

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