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Physics book written by Prof. H.C Verma needs no introduction. It is considered as the base book for the preparation of engineering entrance exams. This book has maintained its existence among the students who do believe in building concepts and not mugging things up. In brief, this is the best book to follow for joint entrance exam (JEE) both for main and advanced.

Silent features of hc verma book:-

1.It covers all syllabus generally asked in engineering entrance exams.

2.The questions given in chapters has a standard difficulty level.

3.Questions with the same concept has not been repeated. It let students to solve different problems and develop a crystal clear concept.

4.The objective question given in this book is very unique in nature and can blow up your mind. Discussing them in the forum,teachers and friends can give you a long term benefit.

5.One important feature that i liked about this book is usage of basic practical condition and scenario.You will become fan of this book for the grounds on which the question is prepared.It uses very apt data in the question.

H.C Verma solutions part 1

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H.C Verma solutions part 2

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Solving hc verma is obviously not easy but very fruitful.Many time we need references to solve a particular problem or we need some help in solving problems. This hc verma solutions part 1 and part 2 page is an effort to give hc verma solutions part 1 and part 2 for each question in the book. You can get h.c verma physics solutions of each problem for both parts i.e part 1 and part 2.There are many hc verma solutions for part 1 and part 2 websites available there why you should use us.

  • The hc verma solutions part 1 and part 2 consists chapterwise solutions of all questions for both the parts.
  • his website is free to use means no registration or subscription is required.
  • Each solution is in the image form not pdf form,it means it can be seen in all devices from mobile to desktop online.You do not need to download pdf reader or extensions.
  • Switching between questions is very easy.All questions are listed in the page for each hc verma chapter.Just choose any question.from the list.It means it is very user friendly.
  • You don’t need to waste time scrolling and seeing answers in pdf reader.So,hc verma solutions part 1 and part 2 is very simple and effective.

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