Generations of computer in short for banking exams

Generations of computer for banking exams (brief)

Generations / year Switching Device Language Speed
First Generation(1949-54) Vaccum tubes/Electronic valves machine and assembly languages 333 micro seconds
Second Generation(1954-64) Transistors High level languages, Fortan, Cobol, Algol,
Batch, Operating System
10 micro seconds
Third Generation(1964-80)) Integrated Circuit Fortran 4, Cobol 68, PI/I, Time Sharing Operating System 100 nano seconds
Furth Generation(1980-Continued) Large Scale Integrated Circuit / Micro-processor Fortran 77 , Pascal, ADA, Cobol-74 300 nano seconds

Fifth Generation
Computer devices are in the development phase and they are expected to deploy knowledge information Processing systems(KIPS) and very very large scale integrators known as Artificial intelligence.

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