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Directions (51-65) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Mihir and Mahadev lived in the same village. While Mahadev owned the largest shop in the village, Mihir was a poor farmer. Both had large families, with many sons, daughters-in-law and move to the city where they were sure to make enough to feed everyone. They said their goodbyes, packed their few belongings and set off. When night fell, they stopped under a large tree. There was a stream running nearby, where theycould refresh themselves. Mihir told his sons to clear the area below the tree. He told his wife to fetch water. He instructed his daughters-in-law to make up the fire and started cutting wood from the tree himself. Now, in the branches of that tree sat a thief. He watched as Mihir’s tamily worked together. He also noticed they had nothing to cook. Mihir’s wife too thought the same, she said to her husband, “Everything is ready. But what shall we eat ?” Mihir raised his hands to heaven and said, “Don’t worry. He is watching all this from above.
He will help us.” The Thief was worried. He had seen that the family was large and worked well together. Surely they did not know he was hiding in the branches? He decided to make a quick getaway. He climbed down swiftly when they were not looking and ran for his life. But, he left ‘behind his bundle of stolen jewels and money, which dropped down into’ Mihir’s lap. He opened it and jumped with joy when he saw the contents. The family promptly gathered its belongings and returned to the village. There was great excitement when they told everyone how they got rich.
Mahadev thought this was a nice quick way to earn some money! He commanded his family to pack some clothes and they set off as if on a journey. They stopped under the same tree and Mahadev started commanding everyone as Mihir had done. But no one in his family . was willing to obey orders. They were used to having servants wait on them – so the one who went to the river to fetch water had a nice bath. The one who went to gather wood for the fire went off to sleep beneath the tree. And Mahadev only ordered everyone about, not bothering to do anything himself. Meanwhile the thief had returned to the tree. He noticed the family members were greedy and selfish. They would never be able to put up a fight together. Then, Mahadev and his wife started the conversation that they had rehearsed carefully. Mahadev’s wife said, “Everything is ready. But what shall we eat 1” Mahadev raised his hands upwards and said, “Don’t worry. He is watching all this from above.
He will help us”.
At this, the thief jumped down from the tree, knife in hand. Seeing him, everyone setarted running helter skelter to save themselves. The thief stole everything.Mahadev and his family had to return to the village empty-handed, having lost all the jewellery and gold they had taken with them.

1.Which of the following cannot be said about Mihir’s family?
(A) They repsected and obeyed Mihir
(B) They were so poor that they somethimes had to starve
(C) They had no friends in the village when they were poor.
(1) None (2)Only (C)
(3) Only (B) & (C) (4)Only (B)
(5) All (A), (B) & (C)

2.Why did Mihir and his family decide to camp under the ‘thief’s tree’ ?
(1) Being a large family they knew they could capture the thief
(2) It was a convenient spot to camp for the night
(3) It was the only tree large enough to shelter the whole family
(4) There was a stream nearby and wood to build a house
(5) Exhausted after the day’s travel they couldn’t walk any more

3.Why did the thief leave the valuables he had stolen behind?
(1) Seeing Mihir’ s faith in God the thief was filled with remorse
(2) Feeting sorry for Mihir’s family he decided to donate the valuables to them
(3) He was afraid that God would punish him for stealing
(4) In his hurry to run away he forgot to take the valuables aong
(5} He was confident that they were so weil hidden that they would not be found

4.Which of the following best describes Mahadev ?
(1) He was a rich businessman
(2) He bullied his wife so she obeyed him
(3) He paid his servants well to look after his family’s needs
(4) He was greedy and had cheated Mihir
(5) He was brave and decided to trick the thief

5.Why did Mihir’s family return to the village?
(1) To show off their newfound wealth
(2) To buy back their land and start a business
(3) They had no need to shift to the city
(4) To share their wealth with the other villagers
(5) They wanted to sing God’s praises to all the villagers

6.What made Mihir utter the phrase, “He is watching all this from above.” ?
(1) He had spotted the thief and wanted to frighten him off
(2) He was telling his wife to trust. God to look after them
(3) It was a warning to his family members to stick together
(4) He was begging the thief for help to feed his family
(5) None of these

7.Which of the following is TRUE in the context of the passage?
(1) Mahadev planned to seek his fortune in the city as Mihir had
(2) Mihir’s family preferred to live in the city
(3) Mahadev had no intention of moving to the city
(4) Mahadev lost his entire life savings to the thief
(5) The thief only robbed those whom he did not like

8.Why did the thief return to the tree?
(1) To plot how to get his money back
(2) He thought no one would look for him there
(3) To keep a watch on Mahadev’s family
(4) Not mentioned in the passage
(5) None of these

9.Why was the thief not afraid of Mahadev’s family?
(1) They had not brought their servants along to protect them
(2) Seeing their wealth he suspected them of stealing his loot
(3) He had weapons to defend himself
(4) Mahadev’s family was not as large as Mihir’s
(5) None of these

10.How did the villagers react to Mihir’s newfound wealth ?
(1) They tried hard to coax him to reveal the secret of his wealth
(2) They followed his example and became more devout
(3) They pretended to be happy for him but were secretly jealous
(4) They each plotted to visit the tree and get rich quickly
(5) None of these

Direetiens (11-13) : Which of the following is most similar in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage.
(1) earn (2)estimate
(3) prepare . (4)build
(5) settle
(1) defeated (2)failed
(3) forteited (3)wasted
(5) destroyed
(l) holiday (2)freedom
(3) fantasy (4)escape
(5) relaxation

Directions (14-15) : Which of the following is most opposite in meaning of the word given in bold as used in the passage.
(1) repeated (2)forced
(3) fake (3)unplanned
(5) effortless

(1) oblige (2)reluctant
(3) distracted (3)determined
(5) obstacle

Q1.2 Q2.2 Q3.4 Q4.1 Q5.3 Q6.2
Q7.3 Q8.4 Q9.5 Q10.5 Q11.1 Q12.3
Q13.4 Q14.4 Q15.2

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