Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf

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We all are in search of some good class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf format. We generally need these notes for the preparation of board exam or simple revision. While browsing internet, I came across an important document prepared by Kendriya Vidyalaya professional and expert teachers. I will be sharing the same document with you which will surely help you get some solid English notes. It covers the major portion of the English Core syllabus i.e Reading Writing and Literature. Before going forward read “English Core Syllabus and Marking Scheme“.

Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf

If we look at the syllabus of the English Core, We can get an idea of importance of the Flamingo and Vistas from the preparation point of view.

The Syllabus of English Core is given below:-

Section Unit/Area of Learning Marks
A Reading Comprehension 30
B Writing Skills 30
C Literature & Long Reading Text 40
(i) Flamingo + Value Based
(ii) Supplementary Reader – Vistas

The Literature section carry 40 marks. The Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf contains complete summary of chapters, Question & answer and questions to practice or discuss with teachers.

Chapters Covered By Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf

Flamingo Notes

Chapter 1- The Last Lesson

Chapter 2- Lost Spring

Chapter 3- Deep Water

Chapter 4- The Rattrap

Chapter 5- Indigo

Chapter 6- Poets and Pancakes

Chapter 7- The Interview

Chapter 8- Going Places


Chapter 1- My Mother at Sixty-six

Chapter 2- An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

Chapter 3- Keeping Quiet

Chapter 4- A Thing of Beauty

Chapter 5- A Roadside Stand

Chapter 6- Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Vistas Notes

Chapter 1- Third Level

Chapter 2- The Tiger King

Chapter 3- The Enemy

Chapter 4- Journey to the End of the Earth

Chapter 5- Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

Chapter 6- On the Face of It

Chapter 7- Evans Tries an O-level

Chapter 8- Memories of Childhood

Download Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf . Click here to download

Note:- The notes contains all section of English Core i.e Reading, Writing and Literature. Thanks for reading Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf. Share Class 12 English Flamingo notes in pdf with your friends..

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