NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths pdf download

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Welcome to this article of NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths pdf download. In this post I would like to share links for solution of Mathematics subject in PDF format. Many time we need NCERT solutions to solve a particular problem. In order to take some quick help, solutions help us. However, It is not advised to directly refer. If you are having some confusion, We should take help from teachers.

Before jumping into the solutions section, I would like to take a minute to highlight about the syllabus info and marks distribution.

You can also see the NCERT Maths syllabus for class 10 to get a fair idea about what is important from exam perspective.

Course Structure of NCERT Maths Class 10

I.Number System6
IV.Coordinate Geometry6
VII.Statistics & Probability 11

The NCERT solutions can be a quick point of reference in case you are stuck into some problems. But, It is advisable that one should try questions first and then refer answers. These pdf files are readable in all most all android phones and computer. They can be quite handy to carry in small devices.

NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths pdf download

1Chapter 1Real Numbers
2Chapter 2Polynomials
3Chapter 3Pair of linear equations in two variables
4Chapter 4Quadratic Equations
5Chapter 5Arithmetic Progression
6Chapter 6Triangles
7Chapter 7Coordinate Geometry
8Chapter 8Introduction to trigonometry
9Chapter 9Some applications of trigonometry
10Chapter 10Circles
11Chapter 11Constructions
12Chapter 12Areas related to circles
13Chapter 13Surface Areas and volumes
14Chapter 14Statistics
15Chapter 15Probability

Note:-Just click on the chapter’s link whose NCERT solution is required. The download will start automatically. If you are facing issues while downloading kindly comment.

Learn Maths Faster

Mathematics may seem scary for a lot of students. What I understand the main reason can be lack of basic concept. It’s like you should understand the core concept before jumping to solve problems. NCERT solutions can generally help you in understanding the correct method of doing problems but we should try to avoid it and rather discuss our problems with friends, teachers or groups.

Many students are asking for NCERT Maths solutions of class 10 in hindi. It is currently not available. If any students who want to share his or her notes of Mathematics for class 10, Kindly comment. It may help other students.

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