CBSE Class 10 Science notes in PDF | CBSE Guide For Science

CBSE Class 10 Science notes in PDF | CBSE Guide For Science

As the board exam is approaching many students are in search of CBSE Class 10 Science notes in PDF. Being students I also needed short notes while revising for the board exam. Many students also do not focus on preparing their own notes and take CBSE guide as their reference. According to me this is not a good approach. Every students should have their own hand made notes prepared according to their own understanding of the subjects. However to help students We have prepared CBSE Class 10 Science notes in PDF for all students.

CBSE Class 10 Science notes | CBSE Guide For Science

We will be covering below class 10 science chapters and you can download the PDF of given below chapters.

UNIT 1 : Chemical Substances

Chapter 1. Chemical Reactions and Equations
Chapter 2. Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 3. Metals and Non-Metals

UNIT 2 : World of Living

Chapter 6. Life Processes
Chapter 7. Control and Coordination

UNIT 3 : Effects of Current

Chapter 12. Electricity
Chapter 13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

UNIT 4 : Natural Resources
Chapter 14. Sources of Energy

What these cbse class 10 science notes contains ?

The note has been prepared to give students a short and important overview of the whole chapters. It consists some important topics with the exam point of view, important solved questions and unsolved questions. We have taken KVS New Delhi as our reference while preparing these notes. We have created the pdf in order to have a better user experience. All chapters have been divided into the single pdf. You don’t need to scroll more to go to the different chapters.

It is advisable that students should not directly refer these notes because there are many things in the chapters. Refer it only when you finished the whole chapter. It can help you in revising important topics that you learned. We always suggest to follow NCERT books for the study and exam preparation.

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