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    Generations of computer in short for banking exams

    Generations of computer for banking exams (brief) Generations / year Switching Device Language Speed First Generation(1949-54) Vaccum tubes/Electronic valves machine and assembly languages 333 micro seconds Second Generation(1954-64) Transistors High level languages, Fortan, Cobol, Algol, Batch, Operating System 10 micro seconds Third Generation(1964-80)) Integrated Circuit Fortran 4, Cobol 68, PI/I, Time Sharing Operating System 100 …

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    Important computer abbreviations pdf for ibps ssc and other exams

    Important computer abbreviations pdf

    Computer abbreviations are very important part of computer awareness part generally asked in all major exams like IBPS,SSC and other government exams.So,it is wise to remember all important computer abbreviations.There are many books in which these abbreviations are given but very less in number.We have listed all important computer abbreviations in a broader fashion.It means …

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    All computer shortcut keys asked in ibps and other exams

    computer shortcut keys

    Computer shortcut keys are frequently asked in almost all exams like ibps,ssc and others.So,it is better to remember all the computer shortcut keys specially general computer shortcut keys used in day today work.We have provided a table consisting of important computer shortcut keys.As we know that remembering these computer shortcut keys is a tough task.So,it …

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