All computer shortcut keys asked in ibps and other exams

computer shortcut keys

computer shortcut keysComputer shortcut keys are frequently asked in almost all exams like ibps,ssc and others.So,it is better to remember all the computer shortcut keys specially general computer shortcut keys used in day today work.We have provided a table consisting of important computer shortcut keys.As we know that remembering these computer shortcut keys is a tough task.So,it is advised to see what operations are being performed by pressing the given computer shortcut keys.For this you just need a computer,internet explorer and a few folders.Just test all those computer shortcut keys one by one and see the result.It will help you in understanding things in a better way…

Computer Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+A Select all contents of the page
Ctrl+B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl+C Copy selected text
Ctrl+V Paste selected text
Ctrl+X Cut selected text
Ctrl+Y Redo Last Function
Ctrl+Z Undo Last Function
Delete Delete function
Shift+F10 key Displays the shortcut menu for the selected item
Shift+delete Delete the selected item permanently without placing in the recycle bin
F1 key To display help
F2 key Rename the selected item
F3 key Search a folder or a file
F4 key Display the address bar list in My computer or Windows Explorer
F5 key Update the active windows
F6 key Cycle through the screen elements in a windows or on the windows
F10 key to activate in the menu bar in the active program
Ctrl + A Select all items
Ctrl+F4 key Close the active document
Ctrl+Esc key Displays the start menu
Ctrl+Shift+Esc key Open task manager
Ctrl(while dragging the item) Copy the selected item
Ctrl+Tab key Move Forward through the tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab key Move backward through the tab
Ctrl+Shift(While dragging the item) create a shortcut (to the selected item)
Ctrl + Right Arrow Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word
Ctrl+Down arrow Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph
Alt+Enter View the properties for the selected items
Alt+Space bar key Open the shortcut menu for the active menu
Alt+tab key Switch between the the open programs
Alt+Esc Key Cycle through the program in the order they have been opened
Alt+F4 Close or quit the active programs
Tab Move forward through the options
Shift+Tab key Move backward through the options
Enter Perform the command for active button or option
Backspace key Open a folder one level up, if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open Dialogue Box
End Displays the bottom of the active window
Home Displays the top of the active windows
Num Lock +Asterik(*) Sign Displays all the sub folder that are under the selected folder
Num Lock + (plus) sign displays the content of the selected folder
Num lock +(Minus)sign collapse the selected folder
Left arrow Collapse the current selection if it is expanded or selects the present folder
Right Arrow Displays the current selection if it is collapsed or selects the first sub-folder
Ctrl+E Open the search bar
Ctrl+F Start the first option
Ctrl+H Open the history bar
Ctrl+I Open the favourite bar
Ctrl + L Open the open dialogue box
Ctrl+Print open the print dialogue box
Ctrl+W Close the current window
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