About Examframe


Examframe is created with one aim to give students a simple yet effective method of online study. The whole web is full of knowledge and we have to put a step forward to grasp them. Gone are the days when people used to rely on books, magazines, and newspapers to update themselves. This era is a social networking era. Young minds have also changed their method of grasping things. A person wakes up in the morning, pick his android phone up and start surfing various apps for news and knowledge. Being a student, I too have searched the web for study materials.Sometime.I get them after searching for hours and sometimes I don’t succeed.


“Examframe” has started gaining good attention from the students. The leading search engine has indexed all most of all pages and gave #1 rank for some search terms. Thank you for using this website.

The Examframe has almost completed 3 years and seen so many ups and downs. I want to share some interesting data with my users and advertisers who would like to advertise with us.

Statistics For 2019

In order to make this website more robust, We have taken some major steps like migrating to the cloud and adopting the Google Amp project. We have also decided to stick to the default theme as it is beautiful on desktop and mobile devices and completely support AMP.

Statistics For 2018

The year 2018 was as good as in previous years. It saw a huge drop in traffic. The reason was simple- no proper time allocation for this project.

Pageviews generated – 2, 88, 300
Total Visitors – 1,47,400
Top two countries traffic
1. India – 2, 88, 300 Views

Statistics For 2017

Total Page views generated – 11,14,021
Total Visitors – 4,11,950
Top two countries traffic
1. India – 5,53,457 Views
2. USA – 3,68,142 Views

Statistics For 2016

Total Page views generated – 15,49,157
Total Visitors – 5,08,064
Top two countries traffic
1. India – 7,11,884 Views
2. USA – 7,05,509 Views

Thanks for loving this website.

Examframe Closing 2021

With a heavy heart, I want to say that, I will not be actively working on this website. It will keep serving the static pages but no new post will be added. I will be focussing on my other project (Defiadda). Please excuse me if any functionality is broken.

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