Important computer file extensions for ibps and other exams

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With the completion of IBPS RRB officer scale exam, all candidates are looking forward for other bank exams.After contacting a few candidates, I decided to write this post “Important computer file extensions for ibps and other exams”.As one or two questions were asked from this section, it became a topic of good concern.IBPS is working hard to increase the quality of questions asked in exams.

“What is the file extension of applications installed n windows operating system computers?”.Do you know it’s answer.The correct answer will be .EXE extension.This is a question asked in IBPS RRB officer scale 1exam.Let us learn more important file extensions.

Important computer file extensions for ibps and other exams

Archive and Compressed files

.ZIP – It is very popular compressed file extension.
.APK – Applications installable on Android
.AAC – Advance audio coding-Generally used as audio files.
.BIN — compressed Archive. can be read and used by cd-roms and java, Extractable by 7-zip and WINRAR
.gzip (.gz) — Compressed file
.jar — ZIP file with manifest for use with Java applications.
.RAR Rar Archive (.rar) — for multiple file archive

Database files

.SQL — bundled SQL queries
.DB — SQLite
.MDB — Microsoft Access database
.WDB — Microsoft Works Database
.WMDB — Windows Media Database file — The CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb file can contain file name, file properties, music, video, photo and playlist information.

Desktop Publishing

.CDR — CorelDRAW
.INDD — Adobe InDesign
.PSD — Adobe Photoshop
.PDF — Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader
.PMD — Adobe PageMaker
.PUB — Microsoft Publisher


.DOC — Microsoft Word document
.DOCX — Office Open XML document
.HTML — HyperText Markup Language (.html, .htm)
.RTF — Rich Text document
.TXT — ASCII nebo Unicode plaintext Text file
.XML — eXtensible Markup Language
.XPS — Open XML Paper Specification
.XHTML (xhtml, XHT..) — eXtensible Hyper-Text Markup Language


.XLS — Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet]
.WKS — Microsoft Works
.XLSX — Office Open XML worksheet sheet

video format

.3GP — the most common video format for cell phones
.GIF — Animated GIF (simple animation; until recently often avoided because of patent problems)
.AVI — container (a shell, which enables any form of compression to be used)
.MPEG-4 Part 14, shortened “MP4” — multimedia container (most often used for Sony’s PlayStation Portable and Apple’s iPod)
.WMV — Windows Media Video (See ASF)

Object code, executable files, shared and dynamically linked libraries

.APK — Android Package
.DOS executable (.exe — used in DOS)
.IPA — apple IOS application executable file. Another form of zip file.
.JAR — archives of Java class files
.Portable Executable (.EXE, .DLL — used in Microsoft Windows and some other systems)
.VBX — Visual Basic extensions


.HTML- hypertext markup language.Generally a wewbpage is of this extension file.
.PHP -Hypertext Preprocessor
.js- a javascript file
.css- cascading style sheet
.ASP — (.asp) — Microsoft Active Server Page
.SSI — (.shtml) — HTML with Server Side Includes (Apache)
.RSS — (.rss, .xml) — Syndication file format

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