Hindi B CBSE Syllabus for class 10

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CBSE syllabus for class 10-Hindi A

Hindi B CBSE Class 10 Syllabus

2 thoughts on “Hindi B CBSE Syllabus for class 10

  • There is a scarcity of tehaecrs, especially in Physics. Some are taking the job just as a means to earn income. Many do not know and follow the pattern of CBSE but some how they manage to complete the portions .This kind generalisation is not at all good. I ahve been teaching since 2000, and students are scoring well. here the problem is regarding the setter of Q.Paper. Those who are from IITs and Engg.colleges dont understand the level of the students. They working for some publications to get the money. They should think about the level of the class-XII students. Many times the questions are coming from out of syllabus(NCERT) and you can see these questions directly from some private publications. This shows that these setters are looking into the publications not the NCERT text book while setting the questions. Please dont play with students future.

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