HC Verma solutions part 1

Welcome students to the HC Verma solutions part 1 portal. We all know the value of HC Verma book from the preparation of JEE aspect. It helps us in building crystal clear concept of the subject. There are different types of questions one can get from this book. Theses different questions are the beauty of the book. Once you start solving the questions of HC Verma, you will be able to see the difference. The questions are well arranged into topic wise. Many students start solving the question but later on they do not solve difficult one. We should remember that once you are able to solve harder one, You will be able to solve other problems easily.There is no shortcut you will have to practice all questions in order to make a strong base. HC Verma solutions can be very useful in terms of finding help if you are struck in the middle of problem. Just try these solutions when needed.

HC Verma solutions part 1

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  1. Shouldn’t there be a set standard in Physics for Class 12?There shulod be a minimum level of learning prescribed and it shulod be made sure that a student who passes 12 has acquired this minimum level of learning. Higher marks will be scored by more intelligent and hardworking ones.As far as hard Work is considered, mere working hard is not enough; the students must be trained to work smarter and present things neatly.

  2. U are losing the POINT!! It’s JUST A QUALIFYING EXAM ,not for SELECTION IN IITs !! Even some of the Qs (I saw) given in IIT papres were easier!! It’s NOT THE MATTER OF EVERY YEAR!!! SEE THE LAST YEAR,NO ONE COMPLAINED(n maybe if they did,they were one of those weak students which always complains) ,BUT THIS YEAR,70% OF THE STUDENTS FELT IT WAS NOT THE PAPER FOR 12TH CLASS!! (TOI) But you people won’t understand the plight of students,who have to give IITs,AIEEEs next year and who weren’t doing any coaching or foundation courses,just coz you are not in our place!!You are just giving an EXPERT VIEW as a teacher,n nothing else

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