English fill in the blank practice set 1 ibps po clerk

Directions (91-100). In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each,five words are suggested, one of the which fits the blank appropriately. Find out he appropriate word in each case.

English fill in the blank for ibps po clerk

One rainy day while driving me home from school my father stopped to offer a frail old man a lift. Though he was headed in the opposite ______(1), my father insisted. By the time we ______(2) home it was late and I was tired and _____(3) with my father.]
That night, my father ______(4) me a bedtime story as usual-A ______(5) Emperor was once asked “Sire, while you ______(6) rich and powerful, your teacher doesn’t even ______(7) a piece of land yet you visit him, ______(8) don’t you summon him to court ?” The Emperor ______(9) and said, “You are mistaken, my teacher is ______(1O) than I am. My land can be lost in a war but he possesses knowledge which can never be stolen.” “The old man was my teacher.” my father concluded. 1 have never forgotten the lesson my father, ‘taught’ me that day.

1.(1) route
(2) manner
(3) direction
(4) side
(5) way

2.(1) left
(2) arrived
(3) return
(4) gone
(5) reach

3.(1) complained
(2) annoying
(3) hungry
(4) upset
(5) worried

4.(1) taught
(2) described
(3) told
(4) reads
(5) related

5.(1) greedy
(2) honest
(3) foolish
(4) mighty
(5) cruel

6.(1) are
(2) being
(3) were
(4) so
(5) seem

7.(1) own
(2) earn
(3) acquire
(4) possessed
(5) has

8.(1) however
(2) but
(3) instead
(4) when
(5) why

9.(1) shouted
(2) silent
(3) thinks
(4) smiled
(5) prayed

10.(1) powerful
(2) wise
(3) wealthy
(4) stronger
(5) richer

Q1-3 Q2-2 Q3-2 Q4-3 Q5-4
Q6-1 Q7-5 Q8-5 Q9-4 Q10-5

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