computer awareness objective questions Practice set-2


computer awareness objective questions Practice set-2

1. Example of a telecommunications device is a
(A) Keyboard
(B) Mouse
(C) Modem
(D) Printer
(E) Scanner

2. Hackers ?
(A) all have the same motive
(B) is another name of users
(C) many legally break into computers as long as
they do not do any damage.
(D) are people who are allergic to computers
(E) break into other people’s computers

3 The __ manual tells you how to use a software programs?
(A) Documentation
(B) Programming
(C) Technical
(D) User
(E) Dictionary

4 Data on a floppy disks is recorded in rings called ?
(A) Sectors
(B) Ringers
(C) Rounders
(D) Tracks
(E) Segments

5. A step-by-step procedure used to solve a problem is called ?
(A) Operating system
(B) Algorithm
(C) Application program
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

6. Most application software today come with an interface called a(n) __ ?
(A) Graphical user interface
(B) Character user interface
(C) Icon user interface
(D) Voice instructions system
(E) Button user interface

7. Which type of memory holds only that programs and data that CPU is presently processing?
(E) CD

8. A device that copies or reproduces text and images is also called a(n)_?
(A) Optical scanner
(B) Bar code reader
(C) Character device
(D) Digital camera
(E) Printer

9. Storage that retains its data after the power is tuned off is referred to as ?
(A) Volatile storage
(B) Sequential storage
(C) Direct storage
(D) Non-volatile storage
(E) Mobile storage

10. You organize files by storing them in_?
(A) Archives
(B) Folders
(C) Indexes
(D) Lists
(E) None of these


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