computer awareness objective practice for ibps set 6

computer awareness objective practice for ibps set 6

1. In order to include picture, data type should be
(B) Hyperlink
(C) Yes/No
(E) None of these

2. Firewalls are used to protect against _?
(A) Unauthorized Attacks
(B) Virus Attacks
(C) Data Driven Attacks
(D) Fire Attacks
(E) All of these

3. A memory in which the information is stored last is on top & is retrieved first is known as _?
(B) Buffer
(C) Stack
(E) None of these

4. Programming language built into user programs such as word and Excel are known as _?
(A) 4 Gls
(B) macro languages
(C) object-oriented languages
(D) visual programming languages
(E) None of these

5. Attributes can be defined for_?
(A) Entity
(B) Switch Board
(C) Macro
(D) Pages
(E) None of these

6. What does that acronym EGA stand for?
(A) Enhanced graphic array
(B) Extended graphic array
(C) Monochrome graphic adapter
(D) Enhanced graphic adapter
(E)Extended graphic adapter

7. Information retrieval is faster from
(A) Floppy disk
(B) Magnetic tape
(C) Hard disk
(D)All of the above
(E)None of these

8. The __ directory is mandatory for every disk?
(A) Root
(B) Base
(C) Sub
(D) Case
(E) None of these

9. __ is the process of summerising data from more than one source?
(A) Data validation
(8) Data consolidation
(C) Data Form
(D) Data Filter
(E) None of these

10. When we create a chart on a separate sheet in the same workbook, it is called a ?
(A) View chart
(8) View sheet
(C) Embedded chart
(D) Chart Sheet
(E) None of these

1.A 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.C
6.D 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.D

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