All computer shortcut keys asked in ibps and other exams

Computer shortcut keys are frequently asked in almost all exams like ibps,ssc and others.So,it is better to remember all the computer shortcut keys specially general computer shortcut keys used in day today work.We have provided a table consisting of important computer shortcut keys.As we know that remembering these computer shortcut keys is a tough task.So,it … Continue reading “All computer shortcut keys asked in ibps and other exams”

Computer Awareness Objective Questions

[WpProQuiz 3] Overview-Computer Awareness Objective Questions Questions from computer awareness is generally asked in various exams like IBPS,SSC,SBI and others.So,preparing this subjects requires material which covers various topics like History,Operating system,Internet,Windows Office etc.Computer Awareness objective questions can play a crucial role and can boost up your revision process.Every questions have been prepared prior to the … Continue reading “Computer Awareness Objective Questions”