B.Sc IT Syllabus – B.Sc Course Wise Full Syllabus

B.Sc IT stands for Bachelor of Science, Information Technology.  Many students opt for this professional course due to its requirements in various IT sectors. It’s a three year program which can be completed after passing Class 12 (Science). The 3 year course is divided into 6 semesters. So, students have to pass each semester to get the B.Sc IT degree. In this article we will discuss about full B.Sc IT Syllabus, Eligiblity and scope of the course. Get all B.Sc Course wise syllabus.

 B.Sc IT Syllabus

Many universities have different syllabus structure. We are taking the example of Punjab Technical University to give you a brief overview of the course structure.

B.Sc IT First Semester Syllabus

English Language, Business Communication, Presentation Skill, Reading and Writing Skill, Non-verbal Communication

Programming in C
Algorithm and Programming Development,Control Structures, Arrays, Pointers, Preprocessor Directives

Human Value And Professional Ethics
Course Introduction, Understanding Harmony in the Human Being, Understanding Harmony in the Family and Society, Understanding Harmony in the Nature and Existence, Implication of above holistic understanding of harmony

Mathematics I
Set Theory and Relation, Algebra of Logic, Mathematical Induction, Graph Theory, Binomial Theorem, Recursion and recurrence relations

Information Technology
Computer Fundamentals, Number System, Binary Arithmetic, Memory Types, Input and Output Units, Overview of Storage Devices, Printers, Computer Languages, Operating System, Graphical OS, Personal And Productivity Software, Computer Network and Communication, Internet and its apllication, Security management tools.

Laboratory Activities

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

B.Sc IT Second Semester Syllabus

Introduction to Business Communication, Writing Skills, CV, Presentation Skills

Basic Mathematics- II
Matrix Algebra, Statistics & Application of Logarithms, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus

OOPS using C++
Introduction, Structure and Unions, Class Declaration, Class Function and Definition, Constructors and Destructors, Inheritence, Function Overloading and Operator Overloading

Digital Circuit and Logic Design
Number System, Logic Gates, Booloean Algebra, Combinational Logic Circuits, Counters

Environmental Science
Introduction, Natural Resource, Ecosystem, Environmental Pollution, Pollution

Lab Activities

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

B.Sc IT Third Semester Syllabus

Computer System Architecture
Introduction to computer Organization, Register, Transfer and Micro Operation, Micro Operations, Common Bus System, Basic computer instruction, Interrupt, Design and Control Unit, Addressing Modes, I/O Organization, I/O data transfer techniques, Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Transfer, Stack Organization, Memory Organization, Cache Memory, Cache memory mapping techniques

Data structures
Introduction to data structures, Searching and Sorting, Stacks and Queues, Linked Lists, Trees

Operating Systems
Introduction, Processes and Threads, CPU Management, Inter-process communication, Memory Management, I/O Device Management, File Management, Protection and Security

Web Technologies
Introduction to HTML, Tables, Introduction to Javascript, Forms used by a web site

Lab Activities

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

B.Sc IT Fourth Semester Syllabus

Programming in PHP
Introduction to php, Control structure, Function, String manupulation, Array, Forms, Working with file and directories, Generating images with php, Database connectivity with mysql, Cookies, Session, Advanced PHP techniques

Database Management System
Overview of DBMS, Introduction to Data Models, Relational Data Model, Database Protection, Distributed Database

System Analysis and Design
SDLC, System Design, System Testing, System Implementation

Computer Network

Data Communication Concepts, Types of Networks, Network Topologies, Communication Channel, Wireless Transmission, Communication Switching Techniques, Network Reference Model, Data Link Layer Design Issues, Types of multiplexing, MAC Sublayer, Network Layer

Basic Accounting
Basic Accounting Concepts, Journal and Ledger, Final Accounts, Sources of raising of capital in corporate undertaking

Lab Activities

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

B.Sc IT Fifth Semester Syllabus

Information Security

Information Security Concepts, Security Threats and Vulnerabilities, Security Management and Laws, Cryptography

Programming in Java
Fundamental in Object Oriented Programming, Java Evolution, Overview of Java Language, Constants, Variables and Data Types, Operators and Expressions, Decision making branching and looping, Classes, objects and methods, Inheritence, Arrays, strings and Vectors, Interfaces, Packages, Managing Errors and Exception, Applet Programming, Graphics Programming, Java AWT, Event Handling, I/O Handling

Software Engineering
Software, S/W Project Planning, Testing Fundamentals, CASE

Data Warehousing and Mining
Introduction to Data Warehousing, Introduction to OLAP and OLTP, Building a data Warehouse, Multidimensional Data Model, Three Tier Architecture, Association Rule Mining, Introduction to Prediction techniques

Project Work

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

B.Sc IT Sixth Semester Syllabus

Mobile Application Development
Overview Of Java, User Interface Widget, Network Communication, Introducing SQLite, Network Communication

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing Principle, Test Management, Software Metrics, Quality Assurance, Comparative Evaluation Of techniques, Quality Management, CMM

Computer Graphics
Introduction, 2D graphics, 3D Graphics, Process and need of Scan Conversion.

Project Work

Important books for B.Sc IT Course.

Scope Of B.Sc IT Course

If we talk about the scope, the course has got good demand in both Public and Private sectors. You can go into well established companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc. There are plenty of technical jobs available after completing this professional course. Just give a try and search B.Sc IT jobs in various job portal. You will get clear cut vision of the job demands.

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